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Corporation, Partnership, LLC and LLP Formation: How a San Marcos Lawyer Can Help You

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Perhaps you are on the verge of formalizing a Southern California business partnership that’s been brewing for a decade or longer. Or maybe you’d like to incorporate, but you are not sure what the right structure is for your company – LLC, LLP, or something else? You need a San Marcos business attorney to walk you through the pros and cons of your choices and help you make the decision.

A Problem That’s at Once Simple and Complex

Truth be told, the establishment and formalization of a corporation – or the revising of a business structure – is both more complex and simpler than many entrepreneurs realize. You need not "reinvent the wheel" or immerse yourself in the technical differences among various structures to find the best answer. On the other hand, customizing your structure may take both finesse and a focused understanding of corporate business law.

Consider the hypothetical case of a web entrepreneur who wants to partner with an established design firm to develop a new info-technology product to sell online. Based on the entrepreneur’s needs, financial outlook, and stage of the business, a San Marcos small business attorney, like Darius Khayat, can quickly help her zero-in on the right structure to maximize tax advantages, flexibility to expand and protection from liability.

However, once she chooses a business structure, she must confront dozens of other “micro decisions” about how to finesse the arrangement. She also needs to file various documents according to strict protocol and timelines. If she makes errors in these documents — such as filing them late or failing to pay requisite fees — the consequences for her business could range from annoying to devastating.

Solutions That Save You Time and Effort — The Right Architecture for Your Needs

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and owners of organizations need legal structures so that they can focus on what they love to do. Your clients’ needs are paramount, and you want to focus on areas like order fulfillment, design and customer service. You don’t want to get distracted by the structure of the organization.

In a way, business structures function like architecture. Without good, clean architecture – well-suited for the purpose of the building – occupants will perform at a subpar level. Using a bad or inappropriate business structure is like building a bowling alley into the side of a hill – not very practical. A subtle mistake – like choosing an LLC when an LLP would give you better liability protection – might be analogous to designing a building in Southern California that lacks earthquake protection. In other words, the defect might not matter unless and until disaster strikes — but then it might matter a great deal.

Darius Khayat and his experienced team will help you solve not just your immediate questions and crises, but also support you as you grow, nurture, expand, and perhaps even ultimately sell your corporation or partnership.

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