New Laws for 2019!

Written by Darius Khayat // March 4, 2019 // News

A New Year in California means we have a number of new laws that will likely affect you. Some of the more notable changes for 2019 include:

•   Plastic straws will only be given in full-service restaurants if requested.

•   California enacts state law to limit use of certain refrigeration chemicals

•   No one under the age of 21 can purchase a rifle or shotgun in CA

•    State requires new gun safety training for anyone having a concealed weapon

•   Children under the age of 16 will no longer be tried in adult courts

•   Secret settlements with employers for sexual assault or harassment are now prohibited

•    State cannot refuse a professional license to someone who has nonviolent criminal record

•   New and used cars must have a temporary, paper license before they are driven off dealer’s lot

•   CA DMV will issue driver licenses that do not have a traditional bindery gender preferences which will be marked with an X, when requested.

•   State government funds will be spent on additional wildfire-prevention efforts, including tree and brush removal programs. Utilities will have new ways to mitigate the cost of fire related payments

•   Effective this summer, new garage doors installed will require a backup battery that can lift door in case of a power outage.

•   Homeowners will have new rules for creating defensible space, free of fire prone brush for prevention

•   Wildfire victims have new flexibility on how to use insurance coverage for rebuilding their home

•   Wildfire victims will get an extra year to rebuild home for a total of three years

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