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Whether you run a sole proprietorship out of a home office or you own a thriving mid-size firm that boasts 30 employees, you must draft, review, and sign contracts to ensure safe business operations. If you operate without contracts – rely only on oral agreements, for instance – you may put your business and even personal assets at needless risk. In short, you need help with a critical aspect of business law.

The Law Office of Darius Khayat can help you solve your contract needs, whether you want a simple template to use with an overseas vendor, you need customized contracts for new employees, or you are looking to solidify a sensitive business deal with a large prospective client.

When we draft agreements, we make the language clear and accessible. Contracts should not be impenetrable garble-dee-gook. They are meant be read and understood. The parties involved in a business agreement should know what to expect from one another, so they can trust one another. All that said, each provision should be tightly constructed and well thought-out. The arrangement must meet your needs, protect you from harm, and treat all parties fairly.

San Marcos Business Attorney Reviews Contracts and Resolves Disputes

Contract disputes can be terrifying and intimidating. Whether a vendor failed to supply services per a written agreement you had or you failed to live up to a promise you made to a joint venture partner about a delivery, the Law Office of Darius Khayat can help you get to the heart of your concerns, come up with a strategy to deal with them, and take care of all relevant “loose ends.”

Let our team help you effectively, efficiently and meticulously deal with your contract issues. We want to free you up, so that you can do what you love – grow your business, serve your marketplace, and provide excellent value for your customers. Connect with Carlsbad business law team here or call us today to schedule a consultation: 760-591-0245.

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