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Dissolving a company, partnership, or unworkable business contract can be a complicated, emotionally jarring and potentially costly affair. Even if you and your partner (or partners) want to “break up” amicably and without significant drama or expense, small and seemingly inconsequential disagreements can escalate and cause strife, bad feelings and legal problems.

A Principled, Proven Process to Handle Dissolving a San Marcos Business

Maybe you want to extract yourself from a contract to take advantage of an exciting new opportunity, and you don’t want to bring along a stodgy or untrustworthy partner. Or maybe a vendor, provider or client has upset you, and you want to extract yourself from any further obligations to do business together. If you disengage from an agreement or obligation haphazardly, the process could drag on, cost you money, cause hard feelings and possibly result in long-term negative effects on your reputation or your ability to compete.

Dissolution: A Better, More Purposeful Way

Generally speaking, a smart way to approach dissolution is to begin by clarifying your purpose. Why do you want to break off the agreement or break up the company? (Or: why do you want to ward off the breakup?) Operating from a “purpose-driven perspective” can give you powerful insights and allow you to tap into experienced resources to meet your needs.

You also might want to spend some time brainstorming, refining, discussing and analyzing “best outcomes” for your situation. For instance, maybe you are unhappy with a current vendor. You want to terminate your long-term contract with them, but you don’t want to alienate them, disrupt your delivery processes or earn a reputation that you are not good for your word.

In a best-case scenario, for instance:

  • You and the vendor part ways amicably;
  • You quickly find another vendor better suited to your needs;
  • You protect other aspects of your business during the transition.

Opportunities for improvement, in other words, abound. It’s often helpful to think of dissolution as a challenge and/or opportunity as opposed to “a frustrating thing that you just have to deal with.” Strive for a resourceful perspective, in other words.

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