Charitable Planning and Formation of Family or Private Foundations

Charitable Planning and Formation of Family or Private Foundations in San Marcos

We also help charitable givers in Oceanside, Vista, Escondido, and Carlsbad.

You and your family have been graced by good financial fortune, and you would like to establish a family or private foundation to donate your assets strategically to make your community and world a better, happier place.

While charitable planning instruments abound, the complicated logistics and legal documents required sadly scare off many would be philanthropists. Fortunately, if you and your family are planning to engage in significant charity work or foundation work, you can trust the compassionate, grounded, and experienced team at the Law Office of Darius Khayat.

Many Instruments Available for Charitable Planning and Giving

Depending on your asset portfolio, tax needs, long-term plans, and charitable mission, you can take advantage of literally dozens of types of instruments, such as charitable lead trusts, family foundations, private foundations, non-profits, preservation and conservation instruments, and so forth.

How do you choose among this wide gamut of alternatives? What are the most principled methods for setting up your foundation for success and organizing a regular review process to ensure that your assets continue to serve the greatest good?

There are no “cookie cutter” solutions to charitable planning and giving. Details that might influence your choice of instrument, timeframe, organizational structure and so forth include:

  • Whether you want to operate a family or private foundation;
  • The nature and size of the assets you intend to give away;
  • The degree of involvement that you and your family members or work partners plan to have in the foundation or other charitable organization;
  • The type of philanthropy you hope to conduct;
  • The size and scope of your venture;
  • Whether you want relationships with other foundations or charitable groups;
  • Etc.
Holistic, Thoughtful Representation to Help You Realize Your Philanthropic Dreams

Charitable giving requires ongoing strategic effort and recalibration. You might have the most perfect structure and mission in mind; however, any action plan will likely need to go through multiple incarnations, as your charity interacts with reality:

  • You may get useful feedback from the people you are trying to help;
  • You may want to change course after you measure your results;
  • You and the fellow custodians of the charity or foundation may arrive at new conclusions about what might work;
  • You may need to integrate new partners into your umbrella mission;
  • You may need to adapt to the changing economic environment.

To stay on top of all of your legal obligations and maximize the energy you spend on planning the good works for the foundation (as opposed to planning the planning), trust the team at the Law Office of Darius Khayat. We can help you meet your needs, so that you can meet the needs of the constituency that your charity or foundation is dedicated to help.

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