San Marcos Living Trust Attorney

Can also help you plan your future if you live in Oceanside, Escondido, Carlsbad, and Vista.

A living trust can help you drastically cut down on estate taxes, manage properties and avoid the frustrations and expenses of probate. A San Marcos living trust lawyer can help you establish this legal arrangement, whereby a beneficiary (the “trustee”) controls the property held in trust.

Advantages of Living Trust over Probate

Depending on your situation, you inheritors may have to wait several months (if not longer) and pay out a not insubstantial portion of the inheritance in court costs and legal fees. Probate, in other words, can be both an annoyance and a time/money draining affair.

Probate can also complicate the lives of those you care about most, particularly if the process is handled sloppily or if certain aspects are contested. This isn’t to say that court supervision of distributing your assets, property and debts shouldn’t be recommended or that a living trust is right for everyone. But if you want an alternative to probate, a living trust may be right for you.

Living trusts are not much more technically demanding or legally complex than standard wills. In some cases, you might even be able to create a trust without the help of a San Marcos estate planning attorney. But even if you opt to “DIY,” you might still want to speak with Darius about options you might have – and surprising hurdles that you might face.

Why Connect with a San Marcos Living Trust Lawyer for (Relatively) Simple Paperwork?

The estate planning process can be extremely simple, dazzlingly complex or somewhere in between, depending on your assets, how you have distributed your property and other holdings, whether you hold substantial debt (and if so, under what terms), and myriad other factors. Unfortunately, simple mistakes can compound and create big problems. If you are not around to supervise the process — insist that you wanted X asset to go Y but not Z, for instance — small inconsistencies or questions regarding your wishes can quickly spiral into protracted battles that cost your inheritors time and money and, in some cases, lead to long-term feuding.

Estate Planning and Occam’s Razor

Darius and his team believe in a legal version of the scientific principle of Occam’s razor: keep things as simple as they can be, but no simpler.

In other words, your estate planning process should be clear, straightforward, in total compliance with your wishes and principles, and as cost-effective as possible. But you don’t want cut too many corners or take on too many inadvertent risks.

Darius and the team can answer your questions, point out potential problems with your approach (or potentially missed opportunities), and help you feel in command and in control.

The Law Office of Darius Khayat serves San Marcos as well as surrounding communities, including Carlsbad, Vista, Escondido, and Oceanside. Call us now: 760-591-0245.

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