Testimonials: What Clients Say About DK Law

Testimonials: What Clients Say About Our San Marcos Law Firm

Our clients also come from areas like Carlsbad, Vista, Escondido, and Oceanside.

How do you determine whether a prospective San Marcos attorney has “the right stuff” to meet your needs, make you feel comfortable and “listened to,” and get you the results you crave within the parameters you have set? Obviously, you can (and probably should) use many criteria to make your decision. But one key criterion is social proof. What do past clients say about the San Marcos attorney? Does the lawyer get work through referrals, or must he or she constantly generate new leads using traditional advertising?

Truth be told, social proof, or lack thereof, is no guarantee of firm’s acumen. But in a world filled with overhyped promises, sometimes we need to look to relatively unbiased sources – other people in similar positions to us – to evaluate and make good decisions. Below, we have compiled some testimonials from satisfied clients. Obviously, every legal situation is different: just because a client in a similar situation to you got great results does not guarantee that you will achieve a similarly stupendous outcome.

Praise from Our Clients …

“I have worked with Darius for many years.  He did my husband and my trust when we got married 18 years ago and has helped us keep things current from time to time.  He also updated my parents trust about 10 years ago and when they both passed, he helped me handle the estates with compassion, patience and expertise.  Darius knows his field, but what I like most about working with him is how he can take a complicated legal situation and explain it in easy to understand terms which I know takes more time and patience than most attorneys probably spend.  I always felt like I had the right information we needed to make important decisions.  Most importantly, Darius knows the ins and outs of my family and made some recommendations to our parents that saved us a significant amount of tax when their estates were settled.  Thanks Darius!”

“I had to probate my father’s estate. It seemed too complicated to do myself because of an issue with one of my siblings so I felt like I had to have a lawyer represent me.  A friend referred me to Darius. He made the probate process bearable. I was in town for only a couple of days and Darius and Sharon had the paperwork ready for me to sign before I left town.  He was always responsive to my questions and took great care of my family.   My wife and I ended up having Darius write a trust for us so our kids would not have to go through an unnecessary process.”  

“I worked with Darius many times over the past ten years on situations involving both corporate matters and contract negotiations.  I have always found Darius to be very thorough in analyzing the issues he was retained for and practical and innovative in the advice he gives. Several of the cases we hired Darius for involved complicated business transactions with multiple parties.  Darius was excellent in his representation of our interests and focused on our goals and objectives in each particular transaction. I highly recommend Darius.”

“I found Darius and his staff to be extremely knowledgeable and courteous. He’s been there to answer all my estate planning questions. I would recommend to anyone who needs a good, honest estate planning and small business attorney.”

“Darius has handled our Trust and LLC’s for the past 11 years. He is able to anticipate and access future complications in our legal matters. He is excellent at staying in communication during any legal situations. Darius also handled my father’s Trust which was very complicated. As I was the Trustee, he was very capable in guiding me through the entire process.”

“Exceptionally capable and diligent.  Takes time to listen to clients and respond to their requests.  Meticulous in preparing documents and completing procedures. Believes it is best to do it correctly the first time and will take the time to explain the actions that are necessary and correct.”

“Darius has handled two complicated estates for me. He has taken care of extensive details and handled difficult beneficiaries. He is both careful and thorough which ensured we avoided long term problems and resolved the estates expeditiously. He is easy to discuss issues with and provides well thought-out advice and suggestions. This lawyer has been exceptionally good to work with both from the quality of his work and his approachability.”

“He has always been attentive to my needs and questions for my business and personal needs. I would recommend him to anyone looking for estate planning, trust work, or business needs.”

Darius has been a big help to me as well as the clients I have referred to him. He’s detailed with his explanations but speaks to me in a way that I can comprehend. I’ve dealt with other attorney’s for estate planning in the past for myself as well as my clients, Darius by far exceeds my expectations.”

“My business partner and I did our best to become educated on asset protection needs and how to structure our business to maximize growth.   After interviewing several attorneys, we felt that Darius was the most candid and thorough in his answers to our questions.  We were able to get an appointment quickly and he even took the time to review documents ahead of our meeting so we could make the most of our appointment.  It was an easy decision to hire Darius and I recommend him to others frequently. Based on my experiences thus far, Darius is an attorney of high integrity who takes care that his clients receive good advice that they can use and understand.  Others I have worked with in the past showered me with legalese but never took the time to make sure I understood what was going on. I highly recommend him!”

“Attorney Khayat was always readily available and or very quick to get back to me.  I have always been impressed that messages were returned either by email or a phone call quickly, even if only to acknowledge the message when he did not have an immediate answer for my question.  His experience in real estate was the key to my understanding the strength of my case and that settlement was better for me in the long run versus an expensive lawsuit.”  

“I retained Darius Khayat to negotiate several particularly complicated business transactions.  I am an attorney myself and tend to be very proactive.  Although I made frequent requests for information and took more time being actively involved in my case than a typical client, Mr. Khayat always responded to me promptly and graciously.  I was impressed by Mr. Khayat’s willingness to make time for me as if I was his only client.  He conducts himself professionally and with a high degree of ethics.  I have already referred a colleague to Mr. Khayat who was equally impressed with the work and client experience.  If you retain Mr. Khayat to assist with a business matter, you will not be disappointed.”

“Darius has become a critical component of our company’s foundation and is resource that is invaluable to our board.  Darius set up our corporation ensuring that things were done right from the beginning.   His firm keeps our company compliant with its legal obligations and assists us with our annual meetings and other routine but necessary tasks.  Darius has always helped us to navigate difficult decisions in our competitive environment in a professional and skilled manner.  I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Darius to other consultants in our tight kit industry.”  

“Mr. Khayat helped me through the probate process when my husband passed away.  His knowledge of probate law and his preparation before our first hearing helped me overcome a challenge from my husband’s daughter from a previous marriage.  The judge even complimented him on his papers and said he made the decision easy.   Mr. Khayat steered me through one of the most difficulty processes a person can go through.  I would recommend him to everyone I know.”

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