Philosophy in Action: A “Family” San Marcos Attorney

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What sets the Law Office of Darius Khayat apart is our ability to communicate: to listen to what our clients need and to help them resolve their issues. After all, the business of practicing law is not simply about churning through legal work that needs to get done. It’s about recognizing and appreciating what clients need out of their interactions — helping them feel more in control of their businesses, estate planning process or other aspects of their lives.

Mr. Khayat sees himself as a “family attorney,” in much the same way as you might think of a “family doctor” or “family dentist.” His practice is professional, innovative, and aggressively results-oriented. And our team has a special facility with critical technology that allows us to provide accurate and prompt results for our clients, whether they need help with Carlsbad LLC formation, Oceanside business law, or San Marcos estate planning.

Community Oriented

— Helping with Oceanside Trust Administration and More

We also have deep connections with the San Marcos community. Mr. Khayat has been practicing as a business lawyer and estate attorney in San Marcos for over 26 years. He is very involved in local organizations and volunteers his time. He serves on the San Marcos General Plan Advisory Committee, he serves on the San Marcos Unified School District Citizen’s Oversight Committee, he serves as the president of the San Marcos Lions Club Foundation, and he has served on the Board of the San Marcos Economic Development Corporation. It’s this kind of connection to the community that forms the bedrock for his successful practice.

We all seek out and cultivate relationships with people who actively look out for our interests — who anticipate problems that we might encounter even before we are aware that these problems might exist. And that is what we are about. We think of our clients as “under our protection.” And we take that credo seriously. People trust our Escondido living trust attorneys to anticipate and overcome hurdles in their business and financial life, and we value that trust more than anything.

Solving Complicated Problems and Helping You Feel Firmly Back in Control

Even if you’ve grown and developed a San Marcos area business into a large, successful enterprise, you likely feel somewhat unfamiliar about certain aspects of relevant law. Whether you want to plan your estate to ensure that the next generation will benefit from your life’s labor or you are preparing to embark on a new (and possibly scary) joint venture project, the team at the Law Office of Darius Khayat will help you identify “best practices,” answer any questions or problems you have along the way, and keep you informed about your progress.

One of the most frustrating things about how complicated the law has become is that those who need to use the law to get things done — to protect their families, their businesses, their interests — often lack the knowledge to understand what they need to do (or what not to do). This lack of knowledge makes people feel out of control, frustrated, and anxious. And that’s not a particularly great mindset to be in, whether you’re planning your Oceanside estate, starting a business, dissolving a Carlsbad partnership, purchasing a new business, or wrestling with a key question about probate, guardianship or conservatorship law.

Focusing on the Right Things

— Building a Customized Strategy for You

Every client who comes to us has different standards, objectives and concerns. Unfortunately, many large law firms in the San Marcos and Carlsbad area that handle similar work fail to account for these differences and manage clients using cookie-cutter processes. The advantage of connecting with our flexible and innovative team is that we can build a relationship with you and get to know you, your business, and your family.

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