A San Marcos Attorney Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions

Also addresses common concerns of clients in Escondido, Vista, Carlsbad and Oceanside

Why should I choose a small San Marcos law firm (like the Law Office of Darius Khayat) over a larger firm?

Here’s the short answer: different law firms are right for different clients.

Bigger firms may have a resources/manpower advantage – at least on paper – over our team. Our advantage is that we provide more customized, personal service. We really get to know our clients, understand their needs, anticipate how to help them, and develop long-term relationships. Darius sees himself as a “family lawyer” – similar to a “family doctor.” His focus is on helping clients thrive — not necessarily on churning out as much business as possible, which, sad to say, appears to be the philosophy guiding some other large San Marcos law firms.

What if I need a lot of help with a complex, large-scale business deal?

Our team has great relationships with affiliates and other law firms to help clients who need significant manpower/resources. Our clients get the best of both worlds: the necessary resources to do the job right (and quickly) as well as the “family lawyer” approach.

How do I know when it’s the right time to call an attorney?

The short answer: you almost never do. But it’s always good to err on the side of caution.

If you feel like you might want advice, give us a call at (760) 591-0245. We are a no-pressure firm. And your first call with us is totally free and no obligation. The truth is, you might not need legal help at this time. But why stress over "not knowing"? Even if you don’t need (or choose) our services, we can help you feel more comfortable and in control.

How much do Darius’ ties to the San Marcos community really matter?

Darius has devoted 19 years of his professional life to serving the San Marcos community. He is passionate about the area and engaged in community service (see his bio for details). His social connections are important because they can make clients’ lives easier and simpler.

I want my legal question answered now. What do I do?

Call our team for immediate help at (760) 591-0245. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

The Law Office of Darius Khayat serves San Marcos as well as surrounding communities, including Carlsbad, Vista, Escondido, and Oceanside. Call us now: 760-591-0245.