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If you recently lost a loved one in San Diego and you are a successor trustee, you now face tremendous responsibilities. These include: administering the decedent’s trust and estate plan to the final beneficiaries, as well as handling all the tasks that coincide with that, such as marshaling assets, paying debts, handling taxes, and so on. If you lack a clear grip on how to deal with these urgent responsibilities, odds are that you are feeling confused, overwhelmed or anxious. Mistakes with trust and estate paperwork can redound to make life significantly harder for yourself and for the beneficiaries. Perhaps the decedent chose an awkward estate planning paradigm. Or perhaps the decedent left incoherent instructions about what to do with his or her assets. The potential for headaches and frustration is limitless.

Trust and estate questions that you might need to answer could include:
  • How can you minimize tax hassles and manage the complexity of your estate?
  • What laws or rules of protocol may or may not apply to your situation? What are “best practices” for ensuring that you stay within the bounds of the law? What happens if you make a mistake, knowingly or unknowingly, that gets you into trouble?
  • How can you follow a decedent’s wishes – as well as the law – if the decedent did not leave behind a will or other coherent document?
  • What can you do to prevent infighting, lawsuits, and delays?
  • How can you organize all of the information that pertains to trust and estate administration?
  • Who can help you answer legal questions as they arise regarding what to do (or not do)?
  • What documents should you fill out, when, and how should you fill them out?
Taming the Complexity of Trust And Estate Planning

For over 19 years, San Diego trust and estate lawyer Darius Khayat has served the community and helped people in significant need avoid tax consequences, streamline the probate process, answer questions as they arise, and stay feeling in control and comfortable. Our team is skilled, ethical, compassionate and experienced. Whether you have a simple, one-time question regarding how to update or renegotiate the rules and dynamics of the trust that you created for your inheritors or you are scrambling to make sense of the financial and logistical chaos in the wake of your elderly father’s death, we can serve, listen to and help you feel more confident and in control of your affairs. Attorney Darius Khayat serves San Marcos as well as surrounding North County San Diego communities, including Carlsbad, Vista, Escondido, and Oceanside. Call us now: 760-591-0245.

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